Emerald forests under sapphire skies
The moons shine over a sleeping planet
Always ?
A vision of peaceful bliss, soothing
Nymphs dance around a blazing fire
Always ?

Symphonies of night and day
In blue and green, so bright and fair
With humming birds
In soft sweet rain and
Singing winds in crispy air
Coloured bursts of healing sounds and
Blissful songs from Heaven’s ground
Divine smells of holy mead
If you don’t care
It’ll all soon be dead

The Earth, the Water, the Air, and the Fire
United in their quest for bliss
United in their quest for bliss
The Elements on the sleeping planet
Keep watch over their blessed world
In Peace and Love and Harmony
Innocence made Reality

The Calm waters over distant seas
Flow endlessly over crystal domes
Always ?
Water creatures sing in a mute opera
The Sirens their faithful inspiration
Always ?

The sweet air
Home of shapeless spirits
Resonates with their endless hum
All in unison
Invocating the elements
To preserve nature’s frail balance

Fiery sparks and mischief-making jesters
Together in their age-old tasks
Always ?
To add the spice of Life to their sleeping planet
To keep the fire going in its people’s hearts
Always ?

Bound to fall
Men’s lust
Vanquish all

When cries of regret come too late
When all is lost and laid to waste
The dream is lost as we forsake
The elements to their sorry fate