The Dreamscape Part II – Open The Gates

I can remember a road
A long winding road in the pitch-dark night
I can remember a flash of light
So bright
That I remained blinded
For a few seconds
That felt like forever

And …
I can remember waking up
In a place I had never seen before
So strange and eerie
A place that could not be
Not on this Earth

The sky was purple
And a silver moon was shining
In what seemed like a starless velvet night

I felt for my eyes
But they were closed
Yet I could see
And feel
As if in some kind of waking dream

I felt my forehead
I felt
The eye
A third eye
Lidless, wide open and staring

And then
I realised that it had opened a gate
To another dimension
Another reality, somewhere, somehow

And I began to see people
Coming towards me
They, too, had an eye on their forehead
But their skin was of a pale iridescent blue
And they seemed to have no mouth
And yet they would talk to me
In a language so strange
That I could yet understand

And then,
A flash of light

And when I once more elapse
Into my weary dreams
I know that I am answering their call

I am one of them